Sparky Turner, Glimpses of Tottenham

These images give a glimpse of the Tottenham area of Greater London. It is 6 miles North East of the West End of London. It has the highest unemployment rate in London and some of the highest poverty rates in Britain. It was also marred by riots in recent years which further reduced the quality & quantity of local businesses. There is no indication of any effort or even interest in advancing a recovery. Locals regard nearby Wood Green as a "trendy" spot, something Wood Green is very clearly not. Tottenham is in the London Borough of Haringey and in common with much of Greater London it is a bleak, dismal, vapid place. Taste and nutrition have yet to be invented. Oddly this coincides with a popular vegetarianism which provides equally bilious cuisine. Chronic alcoholism appears to be the norm and is unhelpfully combined with truly dire healthcare which though free, has yet to awaken to the age of science. It is a stark contrast to the comparative enlightenment and marijuana dispensaries back home in California.

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